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Pai Gow Poker is a variation of poker is very popular in online gaming, both at land-based casinos. Until a few decades ago it was not very popular, but today, thanks to push online gaming is very popular among the players. The Pai Gow Poker, in reality, is nothing more than the fusion of a very old game, Pai Gow Poker with the classic. Therefore, the two individuals who pretend as inventors of this variant of poker, it really is not that they have had to sweat seven shirts to achieve the creation of this new game. Although in the past it was not particularly popular and had not met with great popularity, Pai Gow Poker is without doubt one of the most exciting and thrilling games available in casinos such as Paras Netticasino.

Almost certainly, the current success of this game is linked to the introduction of the online game, which has certainly contributed to the spread of the decree Pai Gow Poker. Today, it is known that in the casino poker games are often the most fascinating and for this reason they are very recommended: these include Pai Gow Poker is one of the most requested. Pai Gow Poker is one of the best poker games available in casinos and its growing popularity begins to reveal it. There are few variations of online poker's most famous of this, both in the case of online gaming, both with regard to the land-based casino and it is no coincidence that an increasing number of players and fans have discovered this variant. You can take advantage of some BetSoft Casinos free spins here.

As in all casino games, the house enjoys a certain margin, but it is very easy to be able to give precedence to their skills using different strategies under the Pai Gow Poker, to get the winning hand. All hands have the same expected values ​​for the traditional poker: the deck of cards used is the standard 52 cards (from 'ace to king of each suit, including 8, 9 and 10) plus a wildcard that can be used to complete their combinations. All 'beginning of the hand you place a bet equal to the amount chosen by the player, then proceed to distribute the seven cards to the player, and discovered seven cards to the dealer, blankets.

At this point you should divide your seven cards into two separate hands: a five-card called 'high hand' and a two-card, called 'low hand'. You have to pay attention to the fact that the point of the low hand can not be higher than the highest point of the hand. At this stage of the game, split your hand, you will also discover the dealer's cards and comparing two by two, four hands.  You win if your own two hands beat the dealer's cards. In the case of 1 to 1 (high hand that beats high hand, low hand but losing against low hand, or vice versa), basically you do not win or lose anything. Obviously, if both your hands beat the dealer's ours, we salute both bets.