Can Traditional Casinos Exist in an Online Casino World?

"Casino in RENO" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by aresauburn™

Since 1996, internet-based casinos have continued to grow both technologically and in popularity, all while constantly competing against land-based casinos. There are millions of casino fans around the world, and though some may prefer more traditional casinos, there’s no denying that online casinos have become a favourite hobby for many others.

This isn’t really surprising at all when we look at the benefits of playing at online casinos. Firstly, online sites are incredibly accessible and easy to navigate, which can all be done from the comfort of one’s home. There’s no need to worry about distractions, dress codes or reservations because online players don’t even need to leave their sofa to play. Instead, they can kick back, relax and play to their heart’s content all while staying in their pyjamas if they want to.

Secondly, most online casinos offer new and returning customers bonuses, promotions and rewards for playing. For instance, Guts online casino has a welcome package with a 100% first deposit match up to £100 as well as 25 free spins on the popular Starburst slot. Plus, each Monday and Thursday this particular casino offers loyal customers the chance to win a 40% bonus and 60 free spins respectively. Meanwhile, other online casinos have even gone as far as offering no deposit bonuses, ensuring that new players don’t have to spend any money to play. These sorts of packages are common in the world of online casinos as sites compete with each other for patrons, which is great news for keen players.

After getting comfortable and signing up to an online casino site, players can then access a wide variety of different games depending on the site they choose. These games are accessible at any time of the date and on any platform, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone as long as there’s an internet connection. Many online casino games are automated with RNG software, though there are casinos that now offer live games with live dealers. These involve professional croupiers dealing cards while on camera, which is streamed to players who use integrated gaming software to play from home. Live poker is particularly popular as it allows iGamers to socialise while playing.

However, this poses the question: are online casinos simply attempting to recreate the authentic, live atmosphere found in more traditional casinos? After all, surely the main reason people still visit land-based casinos is to have fun with others and socialise in the real world? Otherwise, everyone would simply play online. When players visit a land-based casino in somewhere like London or Las Vegas, there are so many more elements to their individual experiences than online. There’s the sights, the sounds, the smells and the social interactions that simply cannot be mimicked on the internet.

Plus, although online casinos certainly offer a variety of great bonuses and complimentary services, they still cannot compete with traditional casinos. The latter tend to offer players plenty of real-world rewards such as free accommodation, free food, free show tickets and much, much more. Once someone is a member at a land-based casino, it’s also likely that these great perks will continue through email or post as well, as all casinos are keen to keep customers coming back.

Sure, online casinos offer simplicity, accessibility and diversity but they continue to lack the crucial level of real-world interaction that traditional casinos carry in abundance. There’s no doubt that internet-based casinos are popular and even receive more unique visitors than their land-based counterparts but in a modern world, where we spend every day with our faces in our phones and laptops, we desperately need real places like traditional casinos.