Casino Gestures used by Croupiers

While you won’t see much of it playing online at sites like (unless you pop into the Live Casino of course) hand gestures are one of the big things you run into whenever you sit down at a brick and mortar casino. You’ll see signals to indicate when you can play, when to stop, which hand to use to hold your drink or- alright, you won’t see that last one, but there’s plenty of gestures that you’re going to see and it’s worth making sure you know about them before you sit down to play a hand or you might end up looking a little silly.

Croupier is a pretty general term used to refer to anyone in a casino whose job is to play the games but in America it’s pretty much just used to refer to the person manning the roulette table so we’ll start there. The most important gesture you’ll get is when the croupier waves their hands over the wheel or raises a hand to announce no more bets. This is usually after three or so spins of the wheel before the ball drops into its hole so keep an eye out for the croupier’s hands. They’re almost certainly going to announce it as well but if the casino is noisy, you’re best off keeping an eye on them (you’d be gutted if you slid your chips onto a spot too late and your bet was void).

No matter what game though, there’s one gesture you’re going to see from every croupier which is the hand clap/dust off gesture you’ll get at the end of a game. This is for a pretty sensible reason, it’s not just to signify their shift’s up- it also makes sure that the players can see they aren’t hiding any chips or cards up their sleeves. That is, the players and the pit bosses and the security cameras too since the casino would be pretty unhappy if their staff was just casually strolling off with $100’s worth of chips in their pockets. Some croupiers do the same thing when handing out the money when they pay out to winners, it’s called ‘clearing the hands’ and is a pretty common sign someone works as a croupier. If you’re buying some food at the supermarket and the guy in front claps after giving the sales assistant some money, it’s probably a fair guess they work at a casino.

Most of the other gestures you see will be things like the dealer flipping their hole card over with their face up card, sliding their hands over the table before dealing, there’s a lot of signals that you might see but they all serve a similar purpose. Flourishes. Yes, a lot of the gestures used by croupiers are just for show and to add to the glamorous atmosphere of the casino with little tricks to wow the audience. The only one you’re guaranteed to encounter is the clearing hands motion but still, all the other hand gestures you see are going to be pretty cool too so maybe think about tipping your croupier!