Find out which casino games pay out big

Dream of winning big at the casino? You’re not alone. We’ve all been inspired by the stories of lucky blackjack hands and fortunate slot machine spins that have turned plucky gamblers into multimillionaires.

But despite these tales, it’s all too easy to find yourself leaving a casino with less money in your pocket than you had when you rocked up. Hence why it’s important to do your homework before you step foot in any casino, or before you log in to an online site like bgo casino. This way, you’ll know which games are more likely to pay out big and – fingers crossed – turn your dreams into a reality before risking your hard-earned cash.

Blackjack’s always been a popular table, and the game has a history of paying out big. No doubt one of the biggest blackjack wins on the Las Vegas strip was a $20 million hand at the MGM Grand Casino. Granted, the average gambler probably doesn’t stake the kind of bets needed to win $20 million from a single hand. Nevertheless, the abundance of free strategy guides online – combined with the game’s low house edge – make it a decent table for those determined to fatten their wallet.

Roulette’s not a bad choice of table either. The game provides fast-paced thrills that can quickly turn into big rewards. In fact, a lucky gambler at the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel & Casino once scoped $135,000 by risking everything he had on red.

And it’s not just traditional table games that can pay out big. Slot machines hold the power to transform ordinary gamblers into multimillionaires in just one spin. Take the famous Mega Moolah machine for instance. It was paid out a whopping $39.7 million to a 25-year-old playing at Vegas’ Excalibur Casino. You can find out more about these big slot, roulette and blackjack pay-outs below. And we wish you the best of luck with whichever game you decide is worth playing.