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Keno is actually a lottery game or a bingo game that is commonly played in the land based casinos as well as in online casinos. In a traditional casino, the game of keno makes use of a round glass enclosure which is termed as a bubble. The bubble contains 80 balls and it determines the result of the draw. Each ball has a print on it with 1 to 80 numbers. During the time of drawing the ball, you would see a blower to push air into that enclosure to mix up all the balls. There is a ‘caller’ that presses the lever to open a tube, where on balls jump into a tube of V shape known as ‘rabbit ears’. The verifier an caller will be recording the 20 balls, and the automatic keno system shall evaluate the wagers depending on the numbers which have been drawn.

How to play the game of keno?

In a live keno game, you can mark on any number among the 20 numbers that are on the card. The card has 80 numbers arranges in such a manner where there are eight rows of each 10. Then the player has to take a card and give it to the keno writer, then he/she as to place the bet from 20 numbers so that it is selected in next game. On the other hand, the player who is in the restaurant of the betsson casino can also mark on a card and hand it over to the keno runner to take it back again to keno writer to bring the ticket back. Usually, the bet would be in accordance to the minimum house, that is 1 dollar.

After the 20 numbers are drawn, winning tickets are paid according to a table that varies from house to house. For example, a four-spot ticket with $1 wagered might return the $1 if two numbers hit, bring $5 if three numbers hit, and pay $120 if all four come in. But in another casino, the three-number hit might pay $6 and all four $125, and in another the payoffs might be $5 and $110. Because of the variation, no payback percentage is common enough to be called average. Paybacks range from below 70 percent to more than 80 percent. Types of keno game

When you enter a casino, you would find numerous varieties of the keno game, the three main types of keno game are explained as follows.

o Straight keno: Straight keno is the popular one among the various types of the keno game. Here, you would find 80 numbers where you have to select few numbers from the tickets numbered between 2 and 10. Now, the casino would randomly choose 20 numbers. The players are then paid depending on the numbers chosen by them. However, when you are calculating the winning chances, you should select the numbers between 4 and 8.

o Split keno: Split keno is also very famous among the players who enjoy the game of keno a lot. You can see that straight keno and split keno have many similarities, however you can play a many games as you want with just one ticket.

o King keno: This game is the third most popular, people love the fun involved with this game. You need to choose one number here that has to be present in the set of numbers chosen by all the players. This number would be called a king number.