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Online Casinos and Betting Bitcoins

Have you heard of bitcoins? Bitcoins are digital crypto currency that has become popular in the past couple of years. Bitcoin crypto currency is unlike any other traditional currency like Pound Sterling, US Dollar or Euro and this is because of the simple fact that it is decentralized that means that it has no central bank and peer to peer marketplace is the only way that it operates. Today most of the businesses that occur across the globe especially online casino games business accept bitcoins.

Recently many online casinos have been launched that accept bitcoin currency that can be transferred between the users using bitcoin addresses. This bitcoin address is a series of numbers and letters which range between 27 to 34 characters and all these transactions are absolutely free. Payment processing is one of the most costly aspects of online casinos and every time a player deposits money using credit or debit card, bank account or an e- wallet, a fee is asked for the service. The online casinos have to pay this fee without creating any trouble for the casino players.

Certain online casinos ask the players to pay the withdrawal fees which could be 10 % of their winnings and this might not be appreciated by the players as it hurts the bottom line profits. In such case, the players might run to those casinos that do not ask them for a fee and this is one of the many reasons that bitcoin gambling appears so attractive to the online casinos. Using bitcoin currency, the deposit and withdrawal become absolutely free that eliminates the payment processing cost. Using bitcoin currency, the online casinos can incline the fee processing money towards deposit bonuses and other promotions and utilise that money for better benefits for the casino website as well as for the casino players. This helps them save money and put out their best offers out.

There is another benefit with bitcoin gambling and it is that it is a decentralized system and does not have any ties with any government or bank of the world. The funds cannot be frozen or seized by any bank. This is really a huge aspect for those gambling markets that are unregulated. You can find many bitcoins online casinos if you search closely. Today, several bitcoin casinos have been launched that are operating really well and have earned for themselves a good place in the gaming industry. If you wish to play in a casino and not pay for the payment processing fee then you can always choose bitcoin casinos over the regular online casinos.

Finding the best bonuses and promotions is an easy task today. Bonuses and promotions have become an integral part of the online casinos today and each casino tries its very best to come up with the best bonus and promotion for the casino lovers and in this race they try to outdo each other. And although it is hard for the casinos to plan out the best bonuses and promotions that can favour them and players- both; yet it is a real boon for the casino players. There are more number of options now to find the best bonuses and promotions these days.