Why Mobile Casino Games are a Smash Hit

Online casino popularity has been steadily growing over the past two decades. However, the popularity of mobile casino apps that you can play on your smartphone or tablet has exploded in the last few years. Mobile casinos are now as popular as desktop casinos, and current trends suggest they may soon overtake their desktop counterparts. But why this incredibly fast growth in popularity? What is it that makes mobile casino gaming so popular?

Boom In Smartphone Industry

One of the explanations of this is certainly the growth of the smartphone industry. This has two components: over the past several years, the number of people who own smartphones has increased drastically, and the range of activities people use smartphones to accomplish has widened considerably. Many activities that used to be more commonly done on computers are increasingly being done on smartphones: browsing the web, emailing, banking and now gambling. Almost anything you can do on a computer, you can do on a smartphone, with more convenience.

The Millennial Market

Interestingly, online casinos have been more popular with older generations than with millennials. However, mobile casinos have fared much better, becoming highly popular with the youth. Perhaps young people more than anyone are using smartphones for more and desktops for less. As this generation grows up, they are becoming a larger section of the market, and popularity of mobile casinos will continue to rise.


Mobile casino gaming is simply far more convenient than desktop casino gaming. The popularity of online casinos can already be largely attributed to its convenience, so if something is even more convenient than that it makes sense that it would become highly popular. With mobile gambling, you are no longer restricted to your home or work or even places you bring your laptop to. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can gamble anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Wide Variety

Most of the top online casinos have developed mobile versions, sometimes through website optimisation but more commonly through developing downloadable apps, usually for both iOS and Android, and sometimes for Blackberry and Windows phones too. Usually, these apps offer all the games you would expect on online casinos, plus extra ones designed specifically for mobile devices. Along with the great array of games you’ll also find big bonuses and a selection of banking options such as Skrill NZ e-Wallet payments, Visa and MasterCard, Paysafecard and other trusted deposit mechanisms.

You Can Have Both

A growth in mobile casinos doesn’t necessarily mean a decline in desktop online casinos. You don’t have to choose between them! You can play on mobile casinos when you’re not at home and you just want to kill a few minutes, or if you feel like playing while lying in bed. You can play on a traditional online casino if you’re at home and you feel like a more visual experience with a larger screen. Just as online casinos offer something different to brick and mortar casinos, mobile casinos offer something different to online casinos. If you haven’t gone mobile with your gambling yet, maybe it’s time to see what all the fuss is about?