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Blackjack Game Tips

If the first two cards that you gave the dealer are equal in dignity (eg, it is two tens and two nines), you can make a split, ie divide them into two hands to make a bid for the second hand to the extent in which you made it for the main and continue to play as usual. Sometimes it can give a good tool, but at the same time, the split can go and harm, as not all players can rationally divide their cards. But sometimes much better not to share, as if you, for example, two tens, then a chance of winning is very high. Just be aware that if you share on the split two aces (and they should definitely splitovat, otherwise it would be stupid to lose two aces) to each of them have only one card, and 21 points on the split is not blackjack, and just 21 point. When you got the first two cards and you believe that a third card can bring you victory, you can make the doubling, thereby increasing your bet twice. This variant is interesting is the fact that the dealer will give you another card that will solve everything.
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Rules for the dealer concluded that he must draw cards until until you get 17 points or higher. He has the right to stop only if the sum of the points is equal to or exceeds seventeen. According to the rules he must take a card, even if in his arms 16 points. Dealer just can not make a decision about whether to take another card based on what cards you have on hand (just if you play alone does not make sense to hide cards from the dealer, as they need it only to determine the winner ). As you can see, you have an advantage over the dealer due to the fact that he must gain a certain number of points, and you can stop at any time. That is what the dealer is not free in making decisions and we know for sure that he will do and should use in trying to beat the casino. Our whole strategy should be based on pure mathematics, since the whole game depends on what the winning card. Let's build a strategy based on our two cards and the dealer's up card. In constructing our tactics need to know one of the important features Blackjack, namely that Ace can change its value from 11 to 1, and so far it has not changed its meaning the game is soft, as in the case of busting you make the value equal to one and will not be busting. While Ace has not yet become a unit and can change the value, called a soft hand, and after its value is fixed, the hand will be called solid. It is very good, as we can safely risk and try to score as many points. You must admit, hardly would make sense to risk if the chance busting was great. And then everything is simple: have touched - changed the value by one and continue typing.

For those who have doubts about this very game modes (strategy building) I specifically note that the basic strategy is not cheating the casino, and all casinos have long been aware of it. Playing by the rules of this strategy, you mix the casino advantage to a minimum, so you can get good money at the casino advantage of only 0.5% (if we translate this into numbers, then 65% for each $ 1,000 bets you lose only $ 5). And if we add to this and bonuses, which gives the casino, it turns out that you will always win. Precisely because of this recently almost all online casinos began prohibiting perform wager on blackjack, as it is very profitable for the casino. But blackjack winning amounts are not as big as compared to poker and slot machines, and therefore, the visitor is unlikely to win a lot. In addition, there are those who are too lazy to learn any strategy and they play just like that. And there is another group of players who just can not sit still because they want to try to improve any tactics or strategy. Due to the fact that players often lose, casinos can afford to give visitors to play Black Jack. Never neglect this and always use this opportunity, it's not the fact that you can still take advantage of this over time, as the online casinos can change the rules so as to make failure less likely. So long as you have the chance to catch a bird, catch it and not think of how to catch a crane.