Fun Games to Play when Passing Time

Wondering what games to play when bored or waiting in a queue? Kill boredom and get the most out of your time with these fun casino games.

So, you could just be chilling and boom! You win a huge amount of cash. Play these fun casino games and kill boredom. Whether you are sitting at a restaurant waiting for your order, at the bank or a pop-up shop, these games will help you pass time!

The best part is, all these fun games come with demos, so you can play for free. You could also, play and win real money by taking advantage of the best online casino sign up bonuses.

Online Slots

For those looking for a fun game that doesn’t require much skill, online slots are it. They all come set with amazing casino bonuses.

Online slots are really fun and they come packed in a wide range of themes! From bandit games to fruity ones, horror-themed, spring games, summer, Egyptian slots etc.

-And oh! You will also find amazing online slots based on your favourite TV shows. Like Escobar’s Narcos and Ragnar’s Vikings.

And…you can also make new friends if you like, while still enjoying your casino game. Just join a multi-player slot and play with other punters.


There are many roulette variants online. With some, you play against a deal and others against a computer.

Roulette is simply a game where you throw a ball on a rolling wheel and predict where it will land when the roulette wheel stops.

You are playing for fun, so there is no need hanging on to the edge of your seat. Just size your bet, choose your ball and hit the button, to see if the wheel will rotate in your favour.

Video Poker

If you are looking for a fun, mind game that will stimulate your brain, video poker is a brilliant choice. Research has shown that playing video poker skilfully has positive effects on the brain.

So, for people looking for fun games that increase IQ, video poker right help. Playing on real money casinos also requires some practice. Therefore, the more free poker you play, the better you get at playing with a real bankroll.

Scratch Cards

Scratch Card games don’t require any particular expertise to play. All you need is the time and the device (phone, tablet or pc)! Plus they come with decent bonuses and jackpots if you play with real money.

Daily Jackpots

Daily Jackpots are huge casino prizes that run for 24 hours and refresh after someone wins or when the day ends. They are some of the best online casino bonuses to relish. Yes, participating in daily jackpots requires real money but it is worth it. It is among the many ways you can earn money while playing casino games. Some jackpots could go into thousands of euros, which is a pretty huge win.


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