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There is a version of the game called "three by three" - as soon as one of the players will fill the top spot on any card all, moreover, who filled, double their bets on the line, and when filling out the middle row fill it currently takes one third of the current amount on stake, then the game continues, and if someone fills the entire bottom line, he wins. Note that there is a small, but fundamentally opposed to some rules: one for the "three on three" acts once the rate increases and a single selection thirds Law (ie rates are increased only once and third Law is taken only once). Short bingo - the name speaks for itself, as such a scheme game is very fast - the winner is the first player to close one horizontal line on any of the cards. At the same time the rules allow any number of cards to the player, but, nevertheless, it is best to decide in advance with other players, and even better, to the number of cards have all been the same, so you do not have phrases that "must play honestly. "

As you can see, everything is easy. The only thing for sure you will be interested to know is how to select the keg out of the bag. Random number generator is given by a sequence of 1 to 90. It randomly selects one barrel and says someone like precipitate, then informs the players number and automatically marks it on the cards. Then he moves the row, as there is no single number, and again ejects by then repeated. And so on until someone wins. Automatic entry shall be made to ensure that the player does not "slept" his or someone else's victory. Unfortunately, this little activity throughout the game player does bingo popular, so you'll find it is rarely full online version, and even more rarely you will be able to see it in any online casino. As a rule, it is played with the help of customers, and this "friendly matches" when playing all know each other outside the network, and using the Internet as they are playing at given times they have no opportunity to meet and play together.

Maybe soon the situation will begin to change and play bingo on the network becomes popular, but most likely it is to restrict the release of new (or update old) client that can demonstrate their appeal a large number of people, as well as provide them with a point to search for opponents for the game. And due to the fact that the player almost do not need to write the client likely will be international, as are large there will need to be replaced not so much character to change the language of the client. The truth is not the fact that it will happen soon, as well as not a fact that happens at all. So we with you now only have to wait for the moment when the bingo network will become very popular (albeit not such as poker). And, most likely, and will be, as from time to time, each of us wants to play a relaxed game where almost think, and a good half of this idea begins with the words "bingo, whether that play?". And do not play because they simply do not have anyone. So, if you had an idea to create such a client to play by yourself or ask someone to do it, try, and maybe you will know about the whole world.