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Blackjack, who does not know it's always been games. One of the most popular casino And rightly so, because it is a game that brings a lot of excitement with it. And not least, the chance of winning the casino is very real! The object of the blackjack casino game is to build more points than the bank (dealer) a hand. You should not get above 21 points. This rule also applies for the denominator. Not, does the dealer over 21 and you then you win. Conversely, of course. It is a tie, then nothing happens and you get your bet back.

The key is to come as close as possible to 21, without going over. You can play blackjack with more players. However, they have no effect on the game that you played with the denominator. Everyone plays for himself against the dealer. All cards are participating in the blackjack game except the joker. All cards with a digit, the value of this figure. A gentleman farmer's wife and have a value of 10. So you have a 4 and a farmer with 14 points and 5 and 8 13 points.

The color and the type of the card has no effect. The Ace is a special card in blackjack. This card, can have two values: 1 or 10. The value you decide and may be determined to what's best for you. The game begins with each player who takes part in the black jack game is used for the round. The dealer then gives each player two cards including himself. One card of the dealer is the value down and one card is the value upwards, so that everyone see this side. Players can now adjust their tactics to the value of the dealer's lying.

With the first two cards you get as a player can never play broken (get over 21). Case is as close as possible to come by possibly asking. One or more cards to the dealer still at the 21 You apply at the time you think you can beat. Divider Please note that with the questions of a card or a chance of busting. The dealer always acts last. The dealer always plays according to a fixed pattern. The divider 17 or more points, then it always fits. Will you try a game of blackjack immediately, then play on one of the following casinos and take advantage of the casino bonus that they offer you. You can then without much risk, or try the online casino you like.