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Playing Bingo Game

A famous international game played by millions of people and is Bingo. The game already as dictated is similar to Bingo, just that you win a prize just by Cinquina and Bingo (corresponding bingo.) Before each hand is declared a folder of the same price for everyone. Depending on the price of those sold in the folder, it establishes the awards. Usually a percentage of the prize pool will be withheld from the place in which you run the game. Currently the prize is 70% of? Proceeds of the sale of the folders. More than half (53%) of the prize is intended to Bingo, 7% of the quintet, 4% for Bingo One and 6% for special prizes.

A bingo card can take value from 0.50 to 3 € and is marked by a distinctive background color. In each one of them there are 15 numbers from 1 to 90 arranged in 3 rows of 5 numbers. A mechanical voice about every 5 seconds, announces the numbers drawn from an automatic machine containing 90 balls numbered from 1 to 90. Each time a player feels that you extracted a number of their record, and it marks the first of all that takes five wins of the quintet (7% of the prize pool). If you complete all the numbers and declares Bingo wins. If there are multiple winners of five goals and bingo prizes are divided.

Usually in Bingo halls are big screens where it shows all the numbers drawn so as to see them even if distracted. It also indicates how many numbers were extracted in total: this is very important because depending on when it was made ??bingo, you can receive a special jackpot. Bingo ONE is an award established by the room each month, which adds a bonus prize bingo if it was done within 46 numbers. The Super Bingo on the other hand if you reach the bingo within 38 numbers. This award is usually achieved significant figures seen the difficulties you need to do so.

Additional special awards are the Bingo Gold, Bingo and Bingo Silver Bronze that are announced by the director of special events hall. Winning can be charged directly to the bank at the end of the game. During the last years there has been the phenomenon of online bingo, namely the possibility of playing this game directly to your home. Given the modest cost of a folder, the players at the table (usually a few hundred in the afternoon and ten at night), they buy hundreds of folders, then you will have little chance of winning because the cards sold in the thousands. Board of play mainly live in the halls because it is safer, while fans of online bingo playing board at night.