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A poker book author cited a successful poker player,  he had to change completely every time his strategy if he change my city to play. First of all do not understand, because why should the strategy be changed due to a change in location? Usually the strategy is adjusted according to opponents, game situation and self-image. Is also true, however, a perfectly correct statement that on online poker networks (not to be confused with online poker sites , as these may also belong to the same network) is true. It is a behavioral psychological fact that observed behavior is unconsciously copied from Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man).

For this simple reason, every poker is unique because normally a player changes its network rarely, so his "Poker behavior" more and more gets the stamp of the network. The aim now is to just take advantage of this phenomenon and to exactly locate the network, which is the most profitable strategy specifically applied.

Who does not know. The enemy has paid with a winning percentage of 7.5%, a 200% pot size Allin and ultimately takes. Certainly, we need exactly those enemies to our long-term success, but it still gnawing at the nerves and the mental stability. What most do not know, man judges subconsciously, that is not clearly perceptible in stressed - otherwise, emotionally or irregular situations - and busy. Many players think that because they have a lot of experience, they would be immune to this influence, but actually show also highly experienced poker player impulsive behavior. The same results are observed even at high profit routes.

Therefore applies to closely observe and at the slightest sign change table (psychologically it represents a new beginning and a conclusion), or simply take a break and for example 15 minutes to get some fresh air. What exactly makes the mental / emotional balance, each must determine for himself. A group member insists on mentioning his mediation unit here that will help wonders. Well, to each his own.

Logically, wanders the money in the medium to long term poker players from the weaker to the stronger. Therefore, the number of bad players and their money continuously reduced. For this reason, in principle, newer, "fresher" poker tables to favor older. It must of course be weighed whether other measures, such as average pot size or the preflop calling Frequenzy are not very attractive and thus negate the "freshness" benefit. Be recognized as new tables to the extremely high preflop calling Frequenzy (> 60%), or better yet be selected tables with few players.