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The Game Of Bingo

On this page we summarize the simple rules of bingo online as well as is available for Italian players. The distinction is necessary because in addition to the variation in 90 balls, available, there are also other ways to play bingo that are available abroad, such as 75 or 80 balls, but that AAMS has never seen fit to implement. Each folder has a predetermined cost and contains a combination of 15 numbers between the number 1 and number 90, spread over three lines of five numbers. Once you have completed the purchase process folders, you receive the prize extraction, consisting of five numbers, bingo and eventual progressive jackpots .

Simultaneously, he began extracting real and as the numbers are drawn, if there are folders on the player, are highlighted. The first (or the first players) who complete one of the three lines on a folder, it is the first of the winners of wins as the quintet. The same thing happens for the first player to complete the entire folder: in this case, is the winner of Bingo. Again, if there are multiple winners, the prize will be divided equally. A special case, and certainly the most interesting, is that the jackpot: extractions jackpot, indeed, if the bingo is won by a number of extractions, as well as winning the bingo extraction in progress, the player wins even the special prize up for grabs.

Today you can play bingo online , and earn money without leaving home. As you know, the game does not require any special skills, and it all depends on luck. That's why so many people now trying to win. Some play just for fun, others, on the contrary, they go in search of the big networks and big bingo portals. As a matter of fact that it is virtually impossible to influence the outcome of a game, but a few tips for online bingo are not superfluous, and can improve your game.

Remember, first, the first suggestion: avoid times of overcrowding, or your chances of winning will become almost zero. Then try to communicate with other online bingo players who can share with you information about the various tournaments and the websites that offer the best bonuses. It is also useful to know that the games with folders from 25 cents up usually offer big prizes. Moreover, success can depend on the day of the week when you play. For example, on weekdays the odds of winning are greater, because there are fewer players.