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What Is Gambling

I do not argue that the above seems hard to understand, so try to explain in more detail. As you can see, this agreement (because we're playing at something and agree that if we lose, we will give your bet to the opponent (s) free of charge) between physical and / or legal entities (ie, for example, two firms can solve a dispute dice), which is based on the risk (because if we lose, it will lose something material) according to the rules that establishes a gambling establishment is independent, then we can either accept its rules or refuse), the outcome of which depends on the circumstances (for example, an increasing number of whom fall at craps), the onset of which we can impact (eg, longer shake keg with bones). Besides all this, we should not forget that this all has the dubious outcome, and does not depend on the skill of the players. Now everything has become much clearer, because you and I dismantled all these moments. Now let us look at what exactly is not a gamble. And are not emotional or physical risk (eg attempt to pass the exam "on the ball" or slip transfer by train), an insurance contract (as we are all at the conclusion of the insurance contract sincerely hope that we do not need it), any investment (in fact we invest only in what should make a profit, is not it?). Just here are starting a new business (after all, we can not say how effective it will be and whether the costs will pay for it), different predictions or exchange of knowledge (even if there is an expression "like the best, and got as always," nevertheless , everyone is trying as best and often it turns out).

A separate item worth mentioning cases where the probability of winning money or property is not the main reason for the bet (for example, you come to the zoo, and there is action "donate money for a new paddock for horses, and in return you will get a lottery ticket, which the grand prize - riding on a horse "- because certainly you donate, not for vague possibilities ride a horse). Definitions first it was a gamble, now sports. Yes and dominoes can turn the same way. If we play a slot machine, roulette, craps, blackjack (point) it is clear that it is a gamble. And then you can turn and so, and commercials. Therefore, if you look very objectively, poker and dominoes still gambling. To see this, let's take an excerpt from the definition of what is a gamble: "... winning fully or largely depends not on the art playing ...". Get it? Completely or largely! So, with whatever you have not played the wizard, if you "lie card," and he does not, then obviously you will win. But then again, it may well be bluffing, whereby you check. Or raise the bid, which again can lead to the fact that you check.

Generally many people, so many opinions. But still much more honest will split gambling on the principle of why it is played at a given time. After all, any game can be played, and in order to get some value, but you can just to give us something to occupy yourself (remember the anecdote about idleness? Highest degree of idleness at work, it's when you start to read spam ... ). And you can not, as a joke, and play any game without a goal to win it, but to not notice how time flies. True to work is very risk that soon you will have to take yourself to something at home rather than in the workplace. Therefore, playing any game, you should not think about it or not gambling, and that for which you play it. It is clear that many are playing purely for the sake of profit and cashing in, but it's not for nothing have a saying "greed fraera ruined" (if you have not figured it out, then I will explain: here the word "simpleton" means a novice in a craft, which incidentally there earn extra money, he decided to just earn a lot of money and, in the final total, left holding the bag.)